“To be an ever-growing, living and breathing community that leads people to faith in Jesus Christ by preaching and living the Gospel. We want everyone to become a disciple of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to help them achieve spiritual maturity, providing formation and serving each other in love.” We believe that the Church is the hope for the world. Our desire is to show the world that God we know has changed our lives and is the same loving and powerful God we know from the Holy Scriptures. God who cares about people like you and me, God who has a passionate life for us and a wonderful plan for every person.

The Metanoia community was founded over 16 years ago. Our journey began with an encounter in two dimensions: with the living God and with people who had been in love with Jesus Christ. By living in a relationship with Him, we are in the continuous process of transformation, i.e. metanoia. He calls us to broaden our perspectives all the time. He inspires us to take initiatives which are new, pioneering and exceed our human capabilities, to build a magnificent, famous and wonderful Church. The Church that brings hope to the world and responds to its needs.


At the beginning of October 2023 we rented premises with a total area of 1550 m² in the centre of Sosnowiec city (Teatralna 11 street). This is where Metanoia Centre will be located. It will combine a prayer and worship room for 500-700 people with the development space where offices and workshop rooms will be situated. The designer interior is intended to praise God and attract the young generation, as well as to be accessible to people with any disability level and mothers with small children.

See the Project52 e-book to learn more. Read online >>>


Within the newly created Metanoia Centre we will:

  • organise Alpha courses on regular basis
  • run subsequent editions of the School of Leadership
  • develop space for mentoring, guidance, individual and group psychotherapy
  • run self-development, biblical and creative workshops for women and men
  • support families in crisis in a professional way
  • create a fully open coffeehouse led by young generation

Project52 is a platform through which we invite you to build the Metanoia Centre together with us.